How We Can Help

We are equipped to assist client jurisdictions in the very earliest stages of needs assessment, existing facilities evaluation and identification of facility requirements on a current and projected basis. This can include the development of alternative options for meeting defined needs and the evaluation of which strategy will deliver the most cost-effective result. A range of services are offered, according to individual jurisdictional need, to structure and inform the solution-finding process in advance of the architectural and construction phase activities which follow. These include functional and space programming that incorporates recommended and mandated professional standards for the general and specialized functions involved.

We are also accustomed to assisting in the project design phases where the project requirements have been defined and the focus is upon the translation of these identified needs into their architectural, engineering and specialized systems requirements. Here, we bring our background in the development of standards and design approaches that deliver normative environments, supportive of the functions being housed, and which incorporate security requirements in an unobtrusive manner. Techniques are brought which promote operational efficiency and optimal functional performance. In this, we are accustomed to working with locally-based architects and engineers, supplementing the skills which they bring, and providing continuity in project attention from the earliest planning, programming and conceptual phases through to a successful occupancy by the client.

Collaborative planning and design is the foundation for everything that we do.